The Superapp to run a small business in a big way

GO from control of your household economy to GROW your next business with 20NINE

20NINE mini apps

Earn money and grow your business


The consumer app that allows you to categorize your transactions, i.e., Rent, Food, and Entertainment, to manage your household economy better.


The all-in-one Superapp for businesses that provides all functionality used in everyday work life. Requires knowledge in only ONE platform and makes your information available in ONE place.

The journey

Unleash the power
of entrepreneurship


Categorize household economy

Consumers running an informal business

Split private and business transactions
Categorize economy

Formal businesses

Full business needs

Integrate with your favorite tools

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Work from anywhere, anytime

20NINE’s mobile app lets you decide when, how and where you work and keeps you in control. Easily access data when you’re on the go and stay connected.