Pay Later

Our Pay Later option enables customers to collect goods or services immediately and defer payment
to a later date.

Reshaping The

In leap markets, many micro-retailers offer customers the flexibility to collect goods and defer payment until later—a practice often rooted in trust and familiarity. However, keeping track of numerous outstanding credits poses challenges for busy micro-retailers. Balancing flexibility for customer loyalty and setting clear boundaries to protect their business becomes a delicate task.


This process is digitised through 20NINE’s ‘Buy now, pay later’ feature, balancing customer flexibility with safety and control for micro-retailers.

Offer Flexible

We are reshaping this practice to prioritise safety. The flexibility of the repayment period is dependent on your credit score level, influencing the corresponding credit fees. This method provides customised credit terms aligned with the customer’s financial profile to address potential fraud and ensure automatic and timely repayments.

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