The business relations App

Gives full control over relations, communication and processes, based on CRM logic

€2,90 per user    No lock in period    For small businesses

Put the relations in focus and get positive effects

Gives FREEDOM from the office

Make yourself free to work anywhere, demand fast access to your information by letting the smart App gather all relevant information for you

Keeps you UPDATED at all time

Gather the relations- & process-information and get rid of the problems with information that is spread across different tools and programs

Creates CLARITY in processes

This smart app makes it clear what to focus on and it becomes easy to know the next step in every business process.

The App that fits your needs

Relations management, communication, e-signing, document management, meetings and sales.

Contact App

Replace the spread sheets and get access to relation data & notes anywhere.

Communication App

Categorise your business relations and automatically logg the call and email communication.

E-Signing App

Get faster with quote & contract templates, e-signing and order management.

Prospecting App

Prospect effectively with LinkedIn, web leads, personal mass emails and call lists.

Sales App

Manage sales & orders in multiple processes to get focused sales and a great overview.

Connects your tools

Office 365, Google Workspace, LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, WordPress, Mailchimp, Fortnox, Document templates and E-Signing

Gathers the information on relations

Gather everything about the external relationships in one App (sent / received emails, calls, reminders, meetings, documents, signed agreements, deals, orders, purchase history, notes, companies, call lists, etc.)

Download the iPhone app

Free training

Attend webinars and learn all about using 20NINE. The webinars are held every week and you can participate as many as you want.

Training videos

Learn all the features at your convenience. We are happy to show how easy 20NINE is to both use and get started with.

Download the Android app

Get speed & clarity

- Get control of your daily, weekly, monthly actions
- Get both the short-term and long-term focus in the same view
- Move the deals forward in the process and create focus on the next action
- Add different processes for an even better overview

Get mass communication super powers

Send and track personal mass emails in real-time from 20NINE with your Office 365 or Gmail account. Automatic tracking of who opened and clicked on links helps you create warm call lists in no time. You can also catch new leads from your website with the plugin for WordPress.

Don't just take our word for it...