Posted 22/4/21
2 min read
How to use OneDrive with 20NINE

With 20NINE’s OneDrive connection you can create or connect documents to Companies, Contacts and Deals/Orders. These documents are NOT stored in 20NINE, just displayed inside 20NINE as images/links. This means if the storage solution is unlinked, the documents won’t be available inside 20NINE anymore.

20NINE automatically creates a document folder structure on each company, contact or deal/order. 20NINE is also the only provider to replicate this entire structure to your OneDrive so you get an easy to navigate folder structure there as well. The connection is a 2-way sync so you can add/create/edit documents from either 20NINE or your storage and it will be synced to both.

20NINE also makes sure your document structure looks the same for all 20NINE users on your storage area. 20NINE also supports you to create documents directly from 20NINE if you use 20NINE document templates add-on.

If you are several users in your 20NINE account we recommend you create a special OneDrive account to manage all your customer document and that you grant folder access to the different user depending on their rights/needs.

To connect 20NINE:

  1. Create a special document account in OneDrive and connect that to 20NINE from the Cogwheel / integrations in 20NINE.
  2. Go to OneDrive and you will now see a 20NINE folder on the top level in OneDrive. Click that folder to set what users in your organisation that should be able to access the 20NINE folder, preferably all users with access to 20NINE
  3. You can now begin adding documents to Companies, Contacts or Deals/Orders in 20NINE by clicking the Add more plus sign in right side panel on a specific company, contact or deal/order
  4. To read a document, click the document icon on the company, contact or deal/order, then click on the document and then click on the “eye”. The document now opens in a new tab in your browser. (Any user who has not been granted read rights in the 20NINE folder on OneDrive will be prompted to login with the credentials for the connected common document account you created in step 1)
  5. If you also are using 20NINE e-Signing you will be able to save your signed documents directly to OneDrive by selecting if the signed document should be saved on the company, contact or deal/order