Frequently Asked Questions

20NINE Business

Can I do specific searches in 20NINE?

Yes, you can search based on type, industry, tags etc. Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the search field. After that, you can choose what you want to filter / search for.

Can I change/see who is responsible for the company/customer?

Yes, you can see it in the list view and also in the detailed view in the right side panel.

How do you send a quote?

To send a quote, go to the pipeline and click on a deal. Then click on the document icon above the red area and choose create document. Select a ready quote template or create a new one. Optionally edit any text, click preview and then it’s ready to go.

How to suggest changes in 20nine?

We always welcome requests for changes, you  are welcome to submit suggestions via our support page.

How to export data from 20nine?

Select the items in the list to be exported. You will find a button with three dots, click on that button and select export to excel.

How do I add users?

To add a user, you must first change your payment and then go to company settings and add a user. After that, an email that needs to be confirmed within 48h will be sent to the new user (this email may end up in the junk box).

Is it possible to send contracts via 20NINE?

Yes, it is possible to send agreements via 20NINE either as a PDF or if you want to create your own quotes in 20NINE.

Is it possible to add/remove pipelines?

No, the provided pipeline is designed to be simple to use and the stages are fixed to fit most small businesses needs.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, there are both iOS and Android apps

How do I change my company email in 20NINE?

You contact the support department and we will help you change your e-mail.

Can you change the responsible user for business, contacts, companies, etc.

You can both change the responsible user via mass updates or by updating individual objects.

Can you have the same document template for contacts, companies and business?

No, you create individual templates for these different objects. The reason is that these three different objects have access to different amounts of data.

Where are signed documents stored?

All documents are saved in 20NINE and can be opened from 20NINE and downloaded if needed.

Where is the data stored

20NINE uses Amazon AWS in Ireland for EU users and AWS Bahrain for Sub Saharan users.

If I want to change systems, is it possible to transfer my contacts?

You can both export your 20NINE data to Excel and .CSV files and import data from Excel and .CSV files to 20NINE.

Can I export information from 20NINE?

You can export all parts of the system, contacts, companies, deals, etc. Mark the rows you want to export and click on the new button that appears above the list. In the menu, select export to Excel. You can export a maximum of 2000 rows at a time and if there are more than 30 marked rows, you will receive an email when the export file is ready to download.

How do I add data into 20NINE web?

You add your data by clicking the main plus sign and add the object you want. There are no general import service to 20NINE Business, however if you are a 20NINE user upgrading to 20NINE Business you will however get all transactions and contacts that are business related transfered to your 20NINE Business account.