Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do specific searches in 20NINE?

Yes, you can search based on type, industry, tags etc. Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the search field. After that, you can choose what you want to filter / search for.

Can I change/see who is responsible for the company/customer?

Yes, it can be done in two ways. Watch this video to learn how:

How do I add a contact outside of LinkedIn?

If you want to add a contact outside of LinkedIn - go to 20NINE and click on the plus sign at the top right corner. Press add contact and enter the information in fields.

How do you send a quote?
First, make sure that your O365 or Google Workspace account is connected to 20NINE.

To send a quote, go to the pipeline and click on a deal. Then click on the document icon above the red area and choose create document. Select a ready quote template or create a new one. Optionally edit any text, click preview and then it's ready to go.

How to suggest changes in 20nine?

We always welcome requests for changes, you  are welcome to submit suggestions via our  support page.

How to export data from 20nine?

Select the items in the list to be exported. You will find a button with three dots, click on that button and select export to excel.

How do I work with the call list as well as possible?

Watch this video to learn how to use call lists:

How do you change the user rights of a user?

Click on the cogwheel icon and then go to company settings → User rights and select which user rights the user should have and
press save. After these steps, that person must log out and log in for it to update.

How do I add users?

To add a user, you must first change your payment and then go to company settings and add a user. After that, an email that needs to be confirmed within 48h will be sent to the new user (this email may end up in the junk box).

Is it possible to send contracts via 20NINE?

Yes, it is possible to send agreements via 20NINE either as a PDF or if you want to create your own quotes in 20NINE.

Is it possible to add/remove pipelines?

Yes, you can customize your pipelines under company settings. There you can rename, remove and add steps, instructions, set percentages, etc. so that you get one or more pipelines that suit your business.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes we have an app. Watch our video instructions HERE to see how you can use our mobile app.

How do I change my company email in 20NINE?

You contact the support department and we  will help you change your e-mail.

Can you change the responsible user for business, contacts, companies, etc.

You can both change the responsible user via mass updates or by updating individual objects.

Can you have the same document template for contacts, companies and business?

No, you create individual templates for these different objects. The reason is that these three different objects have access to different amounts of data.

Which meetings are synced?

All meetings from 20NINE are synced to O365/ Google Workspace. From O365/Google Workspace - meetings are only synchronized if the person(s) invited to the meeting is also registered as a contact in 20NINE. The meeting will also be automatically linked to the right contact and company in 20NINE.

Which emails are synced?

All emails sent/received with the linked O365 or GoogleWorkspace account and the email addresses in your 20NINE account are synced to 20NINE. It also does not matter where you send from (mobile/computer) as long as it is the linked O365/Google account that is used.

What syncs from Fortnox to 20NINE?

Invoices, customers and articles are synchronized. When you first start the sync, it may take some time before all the data has been synchronized. NOTE. Offers are not synchronized.

What syncs from 20NINE to Fortnox?

Company data, contacts, order lines and products are synced. You can choose which deals/orders to be synced in connection with closing a trade as won or when placing an order.

What can 20NINE create automatically in Fortnox?
You can choose to sync data to Fortnox to create either an invoice or an order. For invoices, there is support for both regular invoices and contract invoices.
What is the recommended workflow with Fortnox?
Both 20NINE and Fortnox recommend that users who have connected the systems use 20NINE for all parts (prospecting, log communication, create and send offers, delivery specifications etc.) and then sync the data to Fortnox to create orders or invoices in Fortnox.
Are old e-mail conversations also visible in 20NINE?
Only emails sent or received after you have synchronized your email account to 20NINE are visible. All emails are synced in real time.
Are reminders also synced to O365/Google?
Reminders are not synced from or to 20NINE.
Can I see LinkedIn messages in 20NINE?
It is not possible to see your LinkedIn messages in 20NINE.
How quickly does 20NINE sync emails?
All emails are synced in real-time.
How to connect LinkedIn Lead Clipper to Safari / Explorer or other browser?

LinkedIn Lead Clipper is only available on Google chrome.

How do I enable LinkedIn Lead Clipper?

To enable LinkedIn Lead Clipper, go to integrations in 20NINE and click install next to Leadclipper. The module will be added as an extension in Google Chrome. Click the 20NINE icon in Chrome and sign in with your 20NINE account to start using Leadclipper inside LinkedIn.

Can I view email conversations in 20NINE?
If you choose to integrate your email with 20NINE, you will be able to see all incoming and outgoing emails for contacts registered in 20NINE. This is regardless of whether you are emailing from a computer or phone.
How do I enable caller ID of 20NINE in the phone?
Enter all relevant contacts with phone numbers into 20NINE and then download the app for iOS or Android and 20NINE will start displaying the name and company of the caller even if that person is not in the local phone book on the phone.

What structure must I have on my .CSV file?

Watch this video to learn how to structure your import files:

Where are signed documents stored?
Signed documents can be downloaded from the email sent to all parties or from the contact, company or order it was sent from. If you also connected OneDrive/Dropbox or GoogleDrive, the signed document will automatically be saved in the correct structure in the connected solution.
Where is the data stored in 20NINE?
20NINE uses Amazon AWS in Ireland
If I want to change systems, is it possible to transfer my contacts?

You can both export your 20NINE data to Excel and .CSV files and import data from Excel and .CSV files to 20NINE.

Can I export information from 20NINE?

You can export all parts of the system, contacts, companies, deals, etc. Mark the rows you want to export and click on the new button that appears above the list. In the menu, select export to Excel. You can export a maximum of 2000 rows at a time and if there are more than 30 marked rows, you will receive an email when the export file is ready to download.

Can I import information into 20NINE?

Yes, you can import .CSV/Comma separated files into 20NINE. If you convert from Microsoft Excel, and have non-English characters in the file, remember to choose .CSV (UTF8) so that country specific characters do not become strange characters. Feel free to go to videos and watch the import video or the webinars section and watch the import webinar.

What can be imported into 20NINE?

You can import contacts, companies and prospects.

What is the cost per e-signature?
20NINE's e-signature costs €1,90 per signed document when all parties have signed. Should one party not sign, €1,90 will not be deducted.
Do all users have to have the same subscription?
All users must have the same subscription.
How do you end your 20NINE subscription?
Click on the gear wheel icon and select payment and then click on the cancel button .
Does 20NINE have e-signature?
Yes, e-signing of PDFs is included in all 20NINE subscriptions. E-Signing of own document templates is only included in the 29:ONE package.
Can you pay by invoice instead of card?
We use Stripe as a payment solution and therefore payment is made by card and not by invoice.

Is there a webinar I can watch to get started faster?

There are recorded webinars on our website HERE.

Is there a support at 20NINE?

Yes, go to our support page to create a technical support case. The support is English speaking.