Digitalisation academy – 2

Step 1 – Gather information automatically

Even a small business produces a wealth of valuable information every day. It can be emails that are sent / received, calls that are made or call attempts that are performed. New documents are also regularly created to be sent externally, such as agreements, quotes, delivery confirmations, etc.

Compiling and sharing this information can be both time consuming and tedious. Keeping track of the following things at all times is important to be able to act quickly

  • the latest status of the dialogue with an individual relationship
  • latest agreement
  • latest quotation template

You will not need any calls to colleagues or meetings to get the latest status. It should always be easily accessible and preferably from the phone as well.

By having a smart software automatically collect the calls and sent / received emails and add them to a communication log, you can always keep track of the latest communication with your relationship.

By connecting your document storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive) you can also link your documents to these relationships.

The goal of this is that you should not have to think about where the information is stored somewhere (colleague’s email basket, phonebook, phone log, folder structure on the document surface, etc.) You should only need to know which relationship you want information about and where you should find all this information.

Log calls and call attempts

  • Download 20NINE from the Apple Appstore or GooglePlay and call your contacts directly from the app, then all calls and call attempts are logged automatically
  • Connect 20NINE with Microsoft Teams, then all calls and call attempts made with Teams are logged, given that the phone number is also in 20NINE

Sync all sent / received Emails

Each user in your account can connect their Office 365 or Google account.

  • Click the Link button for either Office 365 or Google
  • Sign in to Microsoft or Google in the popup window
  • Click the “Synchronize calendar” button
  • Click the “Sync Email” button

Email Sync

Now all e-mails that you send or receive from your 20NINE contacts will be saved in the “Latest communication” log on contacts and companies.

You can send or receive your emails from your computer, phone or email client as long as it’s your Office365 / Gmail email address you use.

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Connect an external document storage

  1. Create a special user account for documents in OneDrive / DropBox / GoogleDrive and connect it to 20NINE from the 20NINE gear / integrations.
  2. Go to OneDrive / DropBox / GoogleDrive and you will now see a top-level 20NINE folder in OneDrive. Click on that folder to set which users in your organization should be able to access the 20NINE folder, preferably all users with access to 20NINE
  3. You can now start adding documents to companies, contacts or business / orders in 20NINE by clicking Add more plus login on the right side of a specific company, contact or business / order
  4. To read a document, click on the document icon on the company, contact or store / order, then click on the document and then click on “the eye”. The document now opens in a new tab in your browser. (All users who have not been granted read access in the 20NINE folder on OneDrive / DropBox / GoogleDrive will be prompted to log in with the login information for the connected shared document account that you created in step 1)
  5. If you also use 20NINE e-Signing, you will be able to save your signed documents directly to OneDrive / DropBox / GoogleDrive by choosing whether to save the signed document on the company, the contact or the deal / order

Step 2 – Streamline the document management

When it comes to document management, most people are used to working with Microsoft Word. It is a good tool but can easily lead to uncertainty as to where the latest version of a document is located, Word does not load information from a system but all information must be entered manually.

This can easily lead to document management becoming a bottleneck, an otherwise relatively fast process.

To get around these obstacles, smart digitization with document templates can make these processes much faster and also safer as it is always the latest version used of a template.

By also adding E-signing as an active component, you get even faster and more secure document routines.

Signing and storing agreements directly on the relationship, from your mobile phone or computer, is both easily secure, as you never have to worry about where to find your eg agreements.

Create document templates

  • You can easily create templates from the gear / templates
  • You can choose to insert texts, images, data from the system in each template

Apply e-Signing

From the contact, company or store, you can easily click on the document icon and select a finished template you have created or upload a PDF and then send it away for e-signing. In 20NINE, you pay piecemeal per document after the document has been signed by all parties. You can send documents for signing from both the mobile apps and the web version of 20NINE.

Step 3 – Make the invoice information available

Most companies have a digital tool to handle both invoicing and accounting. However, that tool is usually limited to being used only by the people in the finance department, nor is it a suitable tool for maintaining relationships.

To further speed up processes, it can be a good idea to get the invoice information in the tool you have to manage your relationships and relationship processes. Then everyone with access to a relationship can quickly see how much the relationship has been invoiced and what has been invoiced and when.

Connect 20NINE and Fortnox

If you use Fortnox, you can easily connect to 20NINE and get over all customers, invoices and items to 20NINE. 20NINE also syncs this continuously so you always have the right invoice information available per relationship in 20NINE, via the computer or mobile app.


Now you have taken the next step in your digitization and for many this is more than enough. Now you have your relevant relationships in a common area and they are categorized and easy to search for and handle individually or with mass management. After Lesson 2, you also get all your calls, call attempts, sent / received emails in the communication log and have connected your document storage to 20NINE so you always have access to the latest documents per relationship and can easily create new documents online and send them away for E signing, from both the computer and the mobile app.

Next lesson: How to streamline your exploration, sales and invoicing