Automatic bookkeeping made simple gives control

Automatic bookkeeping

Effortless bookkeeping

Manage your bookkeeping with 20NINE GROW to get control of all your financial transactions and make better business decisions. Say goodbye to the headache of manual bookkeeping and hello to automatically bookkept transactions.

Smart and easy to use

20NINE plugs into your connected partner payment flow and bookkeeps your transactions automatically for you. All you need to do is categorize the first transaction per counterpart.

Automatic reports

With 20NINE, you get your reports directly from your phone. Get your Main book, Balance report, yearly report and VAT report made with a few clicks and send them to whomever you prefer.

Manual vs automatic

Access to accurately categorised transactions in real-time eliminates the need for bookkeeping skills and time-consuming manual administration, minimising your workload and saving you time.

Grow your business

Contrary to popular belief, the primary purpose of bookkeeping is not to generate a tax base for the government. Modern bookkeeping is the lifeblood of any successful business; it provides financial control and business insights to become competitive and grow.

Finacial management

Bookkeeping provides a clear picture of your company’s financial status, including its income, expenses, and cash flow. This information is essential for making informed financial decisions and staying on top of the company’s financial health.

Better decision making

Bookkeeping provides valuable insights into your company’s financial performance, enabling you as a business owner to make informed decisions about operations and future growth. You can use this information to identify areas for improvement, set realistic budgets, and make informed investments.