The work platform to run a small business!

An alternative to cumbersome CRM for small businesses. Manage clients, sales, communication, recruitment & documents from one place!

No lock in period Scale up/down monthly  Free training

Makes it easy to work together

Create consistency, efficiency and productivity by getting access to the same information.

Connect clients, communication, e-signing, document management, sales, recruitment & invoicing in the same work platform.


Categorise relations, get calls & email loged, send personal mass emails, in one app.


Easily add new clients from LinkedIn or via web forms, mass emails or call lists.


Get faster and more agile with document templates and e-signing directly from your mobile.

Sales & CRM

Manage the sales  with drag & drop pipelines to get a fast and great overview.


Send invoices via mobile or computer. Copy old invoices if you invoice the same regularly.

Like a digital Swiss army knife

– 20NINE is an allround solution that covers 90% of a small business needs.

– Connect 20NINE as a small business CRM to other applications like Office 365, Fortnox, LinkedIn, Teams, Mailchimp, WordPress, Dropbox and Google Workspace.

– 20NINE gathers all information in one place (sent / received emails, calls, reminders, meetings, documents, signed agreements, deals, orders, purchase history, notes, companies, call lists, etc.)

Great reviews from users in 25+ countries!











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Free training

Attend webinars and learn all about using 20NINE. The webinars are held every week. Participate on as many as you want.

Training videos

Learn all the features at your convenience. We are happy to show how easy 20NINE is to both use and get started with.

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Convert your network or followers to revenue

– Build a passive income by joining 20NINE’s referral program!

– Earn a monthly recurring commission between 22,5 – 40 % by sharing – 20NINE in your network or to your followers!

Win nice dinners and weekend trips when reaching certain milestones.