We make people credit-ready

Digitising informal economies with AI-based credit scoring,
digital payments, and shopping solutions.

Building Connection Between Two Ends

We connect micro-retailers and consumers in leap markets and bridge the gap between underserved communities and the opportunities of the formal financial system.


Our platform offers seamless and accurate shopping experiences, both online and in-store. We empower micro-retailers to expand their reach and leverage AI technology to make both retailers and their customers credit-ready through next-generation digital payments.


With a preloaded stock, merchants can efficiently sell both online and
in-store, easily tracking supplies and reaching more customers.


Our platform builds credit scores, fostering financial growth and unlocking opportunities for micro-retailers and individuals.


Our digital solution is budget-friendly, costing little to nothing, ensuring accessibility to valuable features without breaking the bank.

Next Generation
Of Payments

In regions where limited access to traditional banking infrastructure has long been a barrier, the age of mobile phones has ushered in a new era of financial accessibility.


Many who were previously locked out of the financial
system—unable to make cashless purchases, send money, save, or obtain loans—are now accessing new financial opportunities.
The rise of next-generation digital payments by 20NINE
eliminates the need for bank cards and is dramatically changing the landscape.

Our platform

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Leap Market Insights

Millions of Micro-retailers

In emerging markets, a vast network of millions of micro-retailers forms the backbone of local economies.


These small-scale businesses play a crucial role in meeting the daily needs of communities.

70% Mom and Pop shops

Mom-and-pop shops dominate the consumer landscape, accounting for over 70% of consumption.


These local establishments serve as essential hubs for everyday goods and services.

Credit Hurdles

Despite their significance, many micro-retailers face growth challenges due to limited creditworthiness insights.


Traditional financial systems often struggle to assess and support these businesses adequately.

Untapped Market

The micro-retail sector represents a vast and untapped segment of the market.


Unlocking its potential requires innovative solutions to address the unique challenges faced by these small businesses.

Cash Dominance

Cash transactions continue to dominate the micro-retail landscape, posing challenges for digital financial inclusion.


Transforming payment habits from cash-centric to digital is essential for market advancement.

Tech-Savvy Youth

Despite cash dominance, there is a notable demographic shift.


A growing population of young,
tech-savvy individuals presents an opportunity to introduce digital solutions that align with changing preferences.

Mobile Payment Habits

The younger demographic exhibits established mobile payment behavior.


Leveraging their familiarity with digital transactions can bridge the gap between traditional and modern payment methods.

Limited Card Usage

Limited credit card usage remains a challenge, especially among micro-retailers and the cash-centric consumer base.


Developing alternative credit solutions can facilitate broader financial access and stimulate economic growth.