20NINE Webinars

Join any of our free webinars to learn more about to use 20NINE.
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Setup & configuration

How to add users, configure your custom fields, user rights, pipelines and products. We also show you how each user can personalise the user experience.


We guide you how to connect to add-ons like Office365, Google, LinkedIn, WordPress, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Mailchimp etc.

General demo

We go through the most important parts of 20NINE at a high level so that you can get an insight into how 20NINE works.

Sales CRM

We go through how to use 20NINE as a Sales CRM. We also show you how to use the activity boards in the best way.

Contact CRM

We go through how you can use 20NINE as a contact CRM or company phone book and also import your spread sheets.

Documents & E-Signing

80% of all sent documents are standard documents. Learn to create quote, contract & invoice templates and how to send with e-Signing.


We teach you how to import relevant prospects from LinkedIn, send personal mass emails, use call lists to get new prospects into your pipeline.


(Done in Swedish) How to connect Fortnox and 20NINE. The sync scenarios (customers, invoices, contract invoices, orders & articles).


We go through how you can use 20NINE to generate and send your invoices.

Recruitment & CVs

Learn how to use 20NINE as your recruitment pipeline and how to manage your consultant’s CVs and actual reports.