Get up and running quickly and easily with instructional videos

Short intro to 20NINE

Learn the benefits with 20NINE (1:00)

See 20NINE with data

Check out 20NINE loaded with data (8:08)

A few tips about digitalisation

Lesson 1

The importance of central information & relation categorisation (8:06)

Lesson 2

Learn about efficient information management & automisation (3:57)

Lesson 3

Efficient sales, focus on next step and categorising what’s sold (6:47)

Learn more about the Pipeline

The activity boards

Learn how the activity boards works and creates clarity & focus (6:01)

How to add a deal

Save hours, automate next steps and track what is important (1:02)

Copy deals and orders

Learn how and why to copy deals or orders in 20NINE (1:37)

Change activity board on a deal

Push deals through multiple milestone 1, 2, 3 activity boards (1:36)

How to manage prospects

Rapidly, qualify, categorise and assign next steps for the whole team (2:51)

Add relations from LinkedIn

How to install and use LeadClipper for LinkedIn by 20NINE (2:07)

Campaigns in minutes

Watch how to export relations to newsletter lists in Mailchimp (1:43)

Assign reminders & prospects

Assign to a specific colleague or to the unassigned lists (2:35)

Prospecting with LinkedIn

Efficient prospecting with LinkedIn mass emails and call lists (6:07)

Document templates & e-Signing…

Quote templates & e-Signing

Use document templates and e-Signing on deals/orders, companies & contacts (3:48)

Create document templates

Watch how to create document templates on deals/orders, companies & contacts (7:03)

e-Sign PDF documents

How to e-Sign externally created PDFs on deals/orders, companies & contacts (2:05)

Use document templates

Use document templates and e-Signing on deals/orders, companies & contacts (3:11)

Create & use email templates

Watch how to create & use emails templates when sending documents (1:48)

Use document templates

How to use the document templates on deals, companies & contacts or the global add (5:23)

Reminders, meetings, companies & contacts

How to work with reminders

Never forget what’s important with the easy to use reminders (4:58)

How to use the calendar

Create and sync meetings with Office365/Google from 20NINE (2:23)

How to add a meeting

Setup and share a meeting in seconds without ever leaving 20NINE (2:39)

Microsoft Teams meetings

Learn how to add, invite to and start MS Teams meetings from 20NINE (2:00)

Get reminder after any activity

Automate next actions to ensure your prospects and customers always get what they need (1:18)

How to use contacts

A short video on how 20NINE’s innovative one-page contact management saves you time (6:20)

How to use companies

A short video on how to use the innovative one-page company management saves you time (4:19)

Insights, call lists, search & user experience

How to search

How to use free text and categorised searching to quickly find what you need (4:52)

All about insights & reports

See how 20NINE insights & reports can can help you track your most important KPIs (4:26)

How to use call lists

See how to replace your Excel lists with smart call lists to simplify batch calling (2:57)

Settings, customisation & personalisation

My settings

Learn how to personalise your experience of 20NINE (2:26)

Personalise the side panels

Personalise your experience of the right side panels in 20NINE (1:47)

Built-in get going guide

Check out how to get started in a structured way – quickly (1:37)

Plug & play integrations

Connect your favourite external tools to 20NINE in a second (3:09)

Change user rights

After changing rights the user need to logout/in again (1:49)

Set sales targets

Learn how to set sales and activity targets for your colleagues (2:08)

How to subscribe

Learn how to subscribe, cancel and re-subscribe to 20NINE (1:37)

.CSV file imports

Company & contact lists, call lists and prospect lists (3:05)

Configure activity boards

Learn how to add, update, copy & remove activity boards (3:19)

Add/remove users

How to add & remove users and units and how to move users (2:31)

Configure standard fields

How to change values in drop downs, change currency etc. (1:59)

Configure custom fields

How to add, use, search with and import to your own data fields (2:16)

Configure products

How to categorise products into groups and types to be able to simplify searches (1:45)

Manage consultant profiles, reports & recruiting

Manage your consultants

How to easily manage all your consultant profiles and CVs (7:31)

Occupancy reports

How to follow up the occupancy level per month or week (2:03)

Share CVs with partners

How to share consultant profiles in the consultant partner network (2:04)

The recruitment pipeline

How to find & add candidates to recruitment cases and move them through the process (2:48)

How to use 20NINE on the mobile

Call lists

How to use the call lists in 20NINE from the mobile app (2:43)


How the 20NINE calendar can be used from your mobile phone. (3:31)


How easy it is to manage your pipeline on the go from your mobile (2:47)

Send documents

How to send quotes (with / without e-signing) from the mobile (3:41)

Companies & contacts

Manage contacts and companies (customers) from the mobile (1:59)

Personalise 20NINE

How to personalise the experience of 20NINE on the mobile (3:41)