Launch your own Superapp for businesses

Digitise your small business customers with a white-labelled Superapp from 20NINE

Increase the value of your service

Why Partner with us?

Broaden your reach and unlock new growth opportunities by partnering with 20NINE to launch your own white-labeled plug-and-play Superapp.

Small companies make up the vast majority of businesses, yet from a digital transformation standpoint, they are often overlooked. There is a huge untapped market opportunity of micro and small businesses in need of digital and mobile-centric solutions. At the same time, Banks and Telcos already selling services in this market are struggling to include value-added digital services that are suitable to sell.

We’ve got the solution for you. The benefits of launching a white labelled Superapp are many, from decreasing your time to market to reducing risks and costs, just to name a few.

Great traction and geographical spread

Loved by customers across 25+ countries

25% free trial to conversion rate

8% yearly churn

Partner programs

Take your business to the next level by joining our growing network of partners.

Telco Partners

Are you a Telco looking to expand your offerings? Let’s work together! Implement 20NINE across a growing market and get set up for success. 

Bank Partners

Become a Bank Partner to give your users even more value, increase your revenue and grow product adoption. Together, we’ll help our shared users reach further.

 Let’s you focus on sales and not tech

Increase your small business top line, improve customer loyalty and reduce churn.

Reduces your time to market
Reduces your risks and costs
White labeled for increased loyalty
Connects to local services
Custom pricing to fit your market
Possible to host on own cloud

Zero sales, support and delivery effort

Fast, easy and risk free launching

Zero sales

With 20NINE there is no need to train your sales staff. Let them focus on your core offerings and make your super app a tick-in-the-box as a stand-alone or bundled small business offer.

Zero support

Benefit from scaling – let 20NINE manage the end user support for you and save precious time that can be devoted to bringing your company to the next level.

Zero delivery

Forget the usual hassle with user onboarding. We provide everything needed for a successful onboarding experience. All users get access to self-service videos, instructions and webinars.

Easy to use and affordable

Scalable, easy and fastend user onboarding

Easy to get going with

Quick and easy onboarding process along with instructions, videos and webinars. New users usually get started with 20NINE within 2−30 minutes.

Easy to use

A smooth and highly-contextual software with an easy to use UI in combination with smart automation designed for everyday users.

Low price

With a price that can be customised to the local market we remove the barriers for small businesses to get going and to become digital and mobile.

Extend with local alternatives

Tailored to your needs

White labeled Superapp

Global standard integrations

Local custom integrations


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    Simple, all-in-one, solution for small businesses

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