Smart mass communication

Create new or maintain business relations with personal mass communication 

Mass communicate via Office 365 or Gmail

Send personalised mass emails with your Office 365 or Gmail account from inside 20NINE. Act fast with opened and click-through notifications in realtime. Targeted engagements are added to the communication timeline.

Get higher hit rates with warm sales leads

20NINE makes it easy to warm up your cold relations before making the call. By sending personal mass emails to the right people you can identify interest and focus on relations who already know who you are when you call. Build interest and engagement.

Wordpress, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Outlook, Gmail or lists

Easily add new relations from all the places you find them. LinkedIn with 20NINE LeadClipper, Outlook or Gmail, Imported lists, Mailchimp newsletters, campaigns or with 20NINE forms on your WordPress website.