How to get 80% more effective prospecting with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one information source globally for keeping track of where people work and what career paths they take. Therefore many sales people have began using LinkedIn for prospecting new leads and connecting with existing customers to improve the relations.

This article focuses on how to adopt the best strategy  to prospect with LinkedIn and higher conversion rates in your meeting booking.

Historical prospecting problem

Historically sales organizations have purchased lists, raw or segmented, to use for prospecting. Anyone who has done this knows that the quality of these lists can be discussed.

These lists often have solid information about the companies in the list since that information rarely changes.

However we don’t do business with companies, we do business with people.

The purchased lists often only contain contact information about Chairman, CEO and maybe a few top executives. This information might also be outdated and almost never contain the phone or email address.

This has historically led to a behaviour where sales people approach the companies to identify the correct person to talk to, often based on a segmentation of what role to speak to in a company of a specific industry and/or size.

Since its hard for list providers to keep up with all changes happening within companies this way of working is very inefficient.

If you also add the fact that a cold call often generates lower conversion rates than a “warm” call, it becomes even more inefficient.

Modern agile prospecting with the right tool

If you want to get more accurate information when building your prospecting lists LinkedIn is a great, even the number 1 source, to find the latest information.

Therefore many sales reps and directors around world use LinkedIn on a daily basis to identify the right people to reach out to and schedule a meeting.

However, since LinkedIn is a separate tool it often and quickly becomes a nightmare to keep track of and organize all actions comping out of the research, when should I call who?

What if you you could connect a tool that automatically organizes your daily work (To-do-list) based on who you find and want to talk to on LinkedIn?

20NINE solves this issue for you with 20NINE’s LinkedIn lead clipper plugin. If you combine the Lead clipper plugin with the automatic lead flows from 20NINE for qualifying your leads you get a highly automised work flow that lets you create your entire weeks prospecting list in less than 30 minutes. Work that previously took hours or most likely never got done.

Organizing who to call and when, based on the latest information from you customer makes your workday much more organised and easy to grasp.

It, simply put, makes you much more efficient and systematized. 

This is something we know separates the top sales reps from the medium performers, i.e. they work in a much more systematized way.

By applying 20NINE systematized way of prospecting and qualifying leads you increase the chances to convert more colleagues to top performers.

How to increase the conversion for booking meetings

Anyone who has done a cold call and tried to convince the person on the other end to book a meeting knows you only get 4 seconds to create interest.

During these 4 seconds you need to

  • Sound enthusiastic has hell
  • Sound sharp
  • Sound like an expert

This is mostly done with tonality and not so much based on what you say. That’s another story though, not covered in this article.

If you have ever made a “warm” call (a call to someone who knows you or your company by name) then you also know its easier to book a meeting in such a call, i.e. you get higher conversions on people who “knows” you compared to when you are completely unknown.

When doing cold calling its not unusual you need to speak to five people to book one meeting, i.e. a 20% conversion rate. When calling people who “knowns” you the conversion rate gets significantly improved, sometimes it even reaches levels around 50%.

This is again where LinkedIn comes in to the picture.

On 20NINE we highly recommend the following process over a three week period to increase your conversion rates for booking meetings. Over time you perform all these activities in parallel every week.

Week 1 you search and find the right contacts according to your segmentation* on LinkedIn. Send a connection request to these individuals. Write a short standard message why you reached out. Preferably bringing some value or new idea to the other person.  More than 30% of people actually accepts your invitation. Week 2 you import the people who accepted your invitation as leads to 20NINE. 20NINE will not only import both company and contact info to your lead, it will also add a qualification task automatically to your to-do list. (20NINE automatically checks your to-do list and calendar to find a suitable slot during work hours Mon-Fri.) Week 3 you reach out over phone or direct email to schedule your meeting. Once you have qualified your lead 20NINE will ask you to set the lead as 1. Done, 2 generate a follow up lead task later for you or 3. convert the lead to an order or business opportunity.

If you hit the limit of how many invitations (5000) you can send you can always free up new ones by removing old invitations.

*) People within your target group, i.e. people working in the right industry, right size of company, has the correct title/role etc.