How SMEs get more hot prospects from WordPress

A major challenge many small companies have in their work to acquire more customers is that they have too few qualified prospects to work with.

Many people have learned the importance of advertising and also being active in social media to spread their brand and drive traffic to their web. It is a good start, but if you do not catch those who are interested and drive these potential customers forward with a structured process, there is a great risk that you are just wasting resources.

Another common problem is that many hot prospects get stuck at the marketing department and never get into the hands of those who actually make contact and drive the sales process, or that it takes too long so the interest from the customer has cooled.

If there is one thing we have seen in the last 12 months, it is the importance of acting quickly. If a customer is interested, they want to talk relatively immediately and not next week. You can be absolutely sure that if you are not fast, a competitor to you is, i.e. fast to get in touch and then that competitor is in all probability in a much better position to get the customer compared to you.

This article is about how you as a small business can create more relevant and hot prospects to work with, increase your sales by working smarter with digital technology. All to a fraction of the cost large companies invest to get their digital flows in place., if you choose to do it with our plugin for WordPress.

What you should prepare

Define the dream customer profile

To succeed in capturing relevant prospects via your website, you need to know what type of customers you want to get. (Read this article about how to create a dream customer profile)

Define how you ensure that a customer belongs to the dream customer profile

Once you have developed the dream customer profile, you also need to develop a simple categorization that makes it easier to determine whether the person you are talking to belongs to your dream customer profile or not. It can be things like industry, size, role, purchase behaviour, geographical location, interest, etc. When you have developed this, you need to enter this in your software either via standard fields or if missing, via your own data fields you add to your software.

Watch the video of how to update the values in standard fields in 20NINE

Watch how to add custom fields to 20NINE

Now you have a good idea of which customers you want to bring onboard and a good structure for how you can secure that a customer who contacts you belongs to the defined dream customer profile.

Define how to communicate with the dream customer profiles

Now you need to review which messages are relevant to communicate to your dream customer profile. It can be a mix of different messages in the form of challenges they often have, effects they can achieve with your product / service or an experience they will have if they use you as a supplier, for example security, commitment, good service.

NOTE. These recommended steps will give you a better leverage than if you do not take these steps. It is therefore not a requirement but a strong recommendation.

How do you create interest?

Now that you have laid the foundation for who you want to bring onboard as a customer, how you ensure that a potential customer who contacts you also belong to your dream customer and how you will communicate with them, then it is time to decide how to reach out to as many as possible of these dream customers.

There are many ways and channels but here are some relevant options:

  • Design a relevant and attractive website with clear messages that attract your dream customer profile. A basic rule is to develop a web that is customer-focused, ie describe what effects the customer get with you and if you sell a product / service, it needs to be described clearly so the visitor understands what you offer. It is also important that the visitors become curious and wants to know more, so that they actively reach out to you. NOTE. If you want to bring onboard more customers, the visitors must genuinely feel that they are in focus and not, for example, potential recruits, partners or others who are not potential customers.
  • Build a blog with relevant articles that you can spread in, for example, social media
  • Be active as individuals with posts in social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, review which channel (s) your dream customer profile usually use. Not all channels are suitable for all companies. A simple basic rule is that LinkedIn is better suited if you sell to companies and Instagram better if you sell to consumers.
  • Start advertising via eg Google Ads or Facebook ads
  • Try to get other websites to publish information about you, examples are partner websites, customer websites, supplier websites or comparison websites.

In other words, the purpose of these activities is to drive as much relevant customer traffic as possible to various relevant landing pages on your web.

How do we capture the interest

Doing everything in step 1 and step 2 and then not making it easy and efficient to catch those who are interested in talking to you is only a waste of energy, then you probably only spend both time and money on activities that you do not get any leverage from.

It’s like having a store in the best location but just letting everyone pass because you do not capture the interest of passers-by by leaving the shop window empty and not displaying any “sandwich board / signs” outside that attract people into the store.

So, what do we do to capture the interest?

If you use WordPress and 20NINE (have a plugin for WordPress) you have a good chance of getting many new prospects to talk to from your web.

With the 20NINE plugin for WordPress, you can easily create as many different contact forms as you want. You can also dynamically customize each form you create to contain optional data fields (both standard fields and your own data fields you have added). You can choose from all data fields from companies, contacts and Prospects in Pipeline and also post your products so the visitor can mark what they are interested in.

Once a visitor has filled in the form, the plugin for WordPress will

  1. Automatically create a new company, contact and prospectus in 20NINE as well
  2. Ping you on the phone and the web in real time so you become aware that a new potential customer has come in and shown interest

You can now get in touch and continue working with your potential customer in a structured way.

It is important that you implement a solution that can let your customers reach out to you 24/7 and that it pings you in realtime so you can be quick with sending a reply. Having a general form sending an email to a functional email inbox is usually not good enough, the risk is that your sales reps are not alerted and also that you do not get a structured way to continue the dialogue.

How do we continue the dialogue in a structured way

Now that you have brought in a new potential customer (prospect) via, the plugin for WordPress, you can drive it further in a structured way. Here are some suitable steps:

  1. Inspect your new prospect and check if it meets your criteria for being a dream customer. If not, consider not going ahead and letting the prospect know that you are probably not the right provider for them.
  2. In cases where you want to move on, decide who internally will reach out to your various new prospects so its clear, then you can also begin acting fast.
  3. The person who reach out to your prospect and books a meeting, a conversation, etc. can also convert your new prospect into a deal in your pipeline. In 20NINE you have the opportunity to have multiple pipelines to choose from so you can create a pipeline per eg service, industry, geography, etc. All to make it as easy and clear as possible to focus and get an overview of the deals you work with. Read more about how to create a focused activity board.
  4. Drive the deals / dialogues further through the process that is in the pipeline you have chosen, until you either win or loose the deal.

Good to know – What should a good form plugin for WordPress include?

There are a lot of form plugins to choose from, but we want to emphasise that a good plugin for WordPress should include the following functionality:

  • Be a complete contact collection system with a form builder that does not force you to do any programming or copying scripts
  • That the forms are of the type Contact 7 to get the same look and feel as your chosen WordPress theme
  • Give you the opportunity to create as many forms, in different versions, as you want
  • Give you the opportunity to customise each form by allowing you to select what data fields from the external system to include in the form. Also important is that it should be possible to decide what the fields should be called on your web and which fields may be mandatory to fill in to submit the form
  • That the form automatically creates companies, contacts and fills the pipeline automatically in your system and at the same time also categorises your potential customers according to the structure you have decided
  • That you receive a message, preferably both on the phone and on the computer, in real-time, when a new potential customer enters your system from the form