How to place online calls from 20NINE with Microsoft Teams Telephony & your regular phone subscription

Many companies that have switched to work more digital also spend more time working from home or from the office, i.e. not that much time visiting potential customers anymore.

This has lead to an increased need to use the computer as the main tool to maintain or create new professional relations. This includes using the computer for all communication (Calls, emails, SMS etc.).

This has been spotted by several mobile operators. In the Nordics the operators 3 Sweden, Telia Sweden and Telenor Norway are a few examples. They have all launched the possibility to connect the traditional phone subscription to Microsoft Teams Telephony to make it possible to place and receive calls directly from inside Microsoft Teams, which can make the every day business more efficient.

For customers to 20NINE this is great news since 20NINE also connects to Microsoft Teams. One of the things included in the 20NINE – MS Teams integration is the logging of all outbound and inbound calls done from teams to phone numbers registered on contacts in 20NINE. This means that any call done to a person in 20NINE, from inside 20NINE or directly from teams will be logged to that contact’s or company’s communication log in 20NINE.

This also means that our customers that are using call lists actually can begin calling directly from 20NINE on their computer, if they 

  1. Set MS Teams as the preferred web browser dialler 
  2. Connect their normal mobile phone subscription to Teams

We therefore highly recommend our users who are working intently with phone calls as their primary tool to book meetings or sell to connect Teams to 20NINE and also talk to the mobile carrier to see if they support connecting your mobile phone subscriptions to MS Teams.

Benefits from managing calls from 20NINE and Microsoft Teams Telephony

  • Reach anyone (even regular phone numbers) from 20NINE and Microsoft Teams
  • Manage all communication directly from inside 20NINE and/or Microsoft Teams
  • Don’t miss any inbound calls (If you have connected a switchboard to your phone subscriptions)
  • See who called who and when (All calls logged automatically on the right contact and/or company)
  • Get real time stats on your users’ daily, weekly, monthly performance etc. (Can be displayed as real time stats on large TV screens in the office or just on your local computer) 
  • Become even more efficient in your outbound calling 

How to get going with 20NINE and Microsoft Teams Telephony?

  • Get a 20NINE subscription
  • Get a mobile phone subscription
  • Get an Office365 subscription
  • Get the connection between your phone subscription and MS Teams Telephony (ask your operator about this)
  • Get the Office 365 + Teams add-ons from 20NINE
  • Begin calling