How to connect 20NINE and Google Workspace

20NINE is a business solution and it is therefore required to connect 20NINE to your Google Workspace domain first, before you can connect your individual users’ Google accounts to 20NINE. You do this from Google Workspace marketplace.

Since connecting external applications to your Google Workspace domain requires a Google admin user you have to be an internal Google admin user to be able to connect 20NINE to your domain.

How to connect 20NINE to your Google Workspace domain:

1. Go to Google Workspace market place and search for 20NINE* 

2. Click the install link/button inside 20NINE profile page

3. Open Gmail with the same account as in Step 1 and click the 20NINE icon in the “Add-on” panel in the right side of Gmail/Calendar and enable Automatic synchronization by clicking the “Automatic synchronisation” button

4. Login to 20NINE and go to Integration section
– Click the “Connect your domain” and add the domain name that is connected in Step 1
– Click the “Connect” to add your personal company-email and confirm

5. Finally, we click the “Turn On” buttons for Email/Calendar to turn on the syncing of emails and calendars

6. Ask each user that want to connect 20NINE to Google to go through the described below

* NOTE: You have to be a Google administrator to be able to find 20NINE in marketplace and also to be able to install 20NINE on your Google domain.

Connect 20NINE to your personal Google account:

This step is done individually by each user that want to connect their Google account to their 20NINE account.

  1. Login to 20NINE 
  2. Click on the cogwheel
  3. Click on Integrations
  4. Click on the connect button next to the Google logo
  5. Click on Start sync for the calendar and / or the email depending on what you want to sync