Expensive CRM implementations belongs among the dinosaurs


One of many questions we asked ourselves over the years, one that also has become more and more annoying is; Why is it in many cases so expensive, time consuming and hard to get a CRM in place? What is it that makes people willing to spend so much money and time on something that gives so little value back? Especially if you are a small to medium sized company were every dime counts much more.

Our conclusion is that there are too many that have too little motivation to change the current situation. Have you asked yourself the question; am I prepared to pay up to 10 times more for the same or even less value? Most people would say no, we know we wouldn’t. We guess you would say the same.

How come so few CRM-providers want to do the same as IKEA did for the furniture industry, H&M for fashion clothes or Henry Ford for mass-produced cars?


– Henry Ford

We strongly believe working with information in one central Hub should be affordable and available for anyone, regardless of company size. A modern Information Hub should also come with an easy to understand price model and no hidden costs are allowed.

Most CRM providers create a price model that is as complex as a physics exam. We ask for something that comes packaged with true value for you and an experience beyond expectation.

Everything with a price so low that you think it’s not true. Our motto is, an Information Hub should be affordable, easy to buy and easy to get started with.


Have you ever felt that implementing that new CRM or replacing the old one is just plain boring, complex and time consuming, and almost always comes with a hefty price tag, on top of the complex price for the system?

It doesn’t have to be like that! Are you fed up with providers giving you CRM projects that you don’t understand what they charge for? Are you tired of providers who speak about your need for flexibility when in reality that only means costly software configuration and development?

Do you want to focus on becoming a software producer or on your core business? Are you building your own cars, furniture, computer screens and any other support tools you need? Didn’t think so.

Why? Because it is not in your interest to spend hard-earned money on building your own support tools, whatever they might be.

Historically, because of the fact that IT has been immature and standard solutions haven’t been good enough, IT departments have called the shots.

The desire to build “tailor-made” solutions on platforms is also driven by many organizations that make a living out of it. We just ask the question, why pay 10 times more than you need, to get less?


A local survey of 4200 CRM customers in Sweden displayed that the dissatisfaction with the implemented CRM was only 2-3 percent. Initially that seems good.

However, when you consider the fact that the people answering the survey were the CIOs and IT managers and not sales reps. or sales directors or any other business related role for that matter, it falls short.

It just displays and proves our point. CRM is in many cases handled by IT or top managers and they do not understand or sometimes even care about the usability for their internal users.

Once the user side gets to call the shots or take it in their own hands, the choices and requirements becomes different. This also leads to the fact that they mostly buy existing well established solutions from bigger companies.

This, in itself, holds back the necessary innovation and affordability that so many companies want and need. Therefore, the next time you look for a CRM, either the first time or for the X time, look at those alternatives that let you get going with whats important for you in minutes, not in months.

Get your empowerment and improvements directly. Look for something cheaper but better, that’s innovation. A high price is not equal to good quality and usability anymore.

We would argue that on the contrary a high price is more equal managing an old legacy. Is that what you as a customer want to pay for. Something old and not suitable for you.



To finish this article of we also would like to make a point of how we as consumers change our behavior. We never buy any software without getting the chance to use it for free to some extent, without any time limits.

We are also reluctant to tie ourselves down in long term commitments. Netflix has a wonderful business model, you pay per month and if you’re not happy you leave.

This pattern and changed consumer behavior has been established for quite some time now. Now it’s time to get that change within business systems. Why shouldn’t an Information Hub be available for a low cost, so you don’t need to buy a pig in the poke.

And if you are happy and want to extend the solution to more users, then pay buy the month, so you are free to leave if you find a better option or is not happy with the current one for some reason.

To rap it up, times are changing. working with central information in a modern Information Hub do not need to be either expensive, time consuming, complex to get started with and in nowadays there are options that won’t tie you down financially either.