Digital nomads – Take control over the business relations

Many people across the globe are joining the digital nomad community and even more dream about having the lifestyle of the digital nomad. 

We can see that many are leaving well paid jobs for a more flexible lifestyle and those that can’t still want to get the benefits of being a “local digital nomad”, i.e. not tied to an office chair 9-5, 5 days a week. 

Working in a hybrid mode or to 100% on distance is getting more common and the number of single entrepreneurs, freelancers, single consultants are increasing per week. In US alone there were 4 million new companies started during 2021.

The forecasts for 2030 is that 50% of the global workforce will work on distance.

Great market places but you are in the back seat

There are many benefits being a freelancer or digital nomad but life can sometimes be a bit more difficult than being employed. 

The number of assignments may perhaps not come in even steady flows and as a freelancer you are usually in the hands of large networks like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer and that can make it difficult to take control and be more pro-active. 

These are all great market places to get new assignments from but they are all leaving things to wish for. You have to remember they are not primarily not there for your benefit. 

Most freelancers and digital nomads also use all these platforms in parallell and the result is that the information is scattered all over instead of gathered in a separate place controlled by the freelancer.

The freelancer networks usually do not want you as a freelancer to have any contact with your clients which can make it hard to act more proactively in times of few assignments.

Everybody who has worked with sales knows how much more costly it is to always try to get new clients instead of helping existing clients with more.

Another drawback as a freelancer compared to being an employee in a larger organisation is the fact that you are usually limited by your own competence and cannot offer your clients a bigger picture delivery.

Take over the control and build your network

Based on this, you as a freelancer or digital nomad should consider building your own business relations in terms of all your clients, network with other freelancers that can complete your skills so you together can take on larger more complete deliveries and therefore also become more relevant and be less dependant on the large freelancer networks.

With a platform like 20NINE you can easily add new relations from LinkedIn, categorise them, communicate with them both individually and via personal mass communication. This makes it easier to take control over the relations.

How to build your own business relations network

  1. For every finished assignment, ask your client for their name and contact info so you can add them to your separate place like 20NINE. (If you cannot type @ in the chat, find a way of sharing emails in the chat without getting stopped/banned)
  2. Categorise the clients
  3. Identify other freelancers across the globe that can complete your delivery competence, add them to your relations platform and categorise them

Now you are in control of all your important relations and can communicate more personal, regularly and for sure proactively. Then you can become a more regular provider to your clients and become less dependant on the large freelancer networks.

If you have connected with other relevant freelancers you can also use them to take on larger assignments or just share introductions/leads with each other to help your clients with more than your own core skills.

Example, let us say you are a skilled website designer but do not know WordPress, then if you have a skilled WordPress developer in your own freelancer network you can introduce that person for your clients that need both the design and the implementation of a new website, and vice versa, the WP developer can introduce you when one that persons clients need help with website designs.

Ps. Just to be clear, we do not encourage you to stop using the freelancer networks, just to take control and make it easier to become more proactive and also to build your own relevant network of freelancers/digital nomads. You can and should continue to do your deliveries and at least until you know a client well, let the freelancer networks manage the payments for you.