Digitalisation academy – 3

Step 1 – Keep track of the deals

Digitisation is largely about being able to draw smart conclusions based on data you have collected. Even though this school is about digitalisation, in this lesson we also want to take the opportunity to add a few words about the view of how to work with business to get as good focus and control as possible.

Doing business is usually about wanting to reach a certain goal as an individual or as a company and it is not difficult to understand that it requires focus to reach the goal. However, one can discuss how most people behave when applying focus and how it affects their journey to the goal and their chances of reaching the goal.

Let us first define what we mean when we say focus

When an individual is focused on something, they pay attention to it. You can make an analogy with your eyes. When your eyes are focused, they have made the necessary adjustments to clearly see what you are focusing on.

We also know that what falls outside the focus of the eye becomes blurred, we perceive things outside our focus area but they are not clear.

It is the same when we want to focus on tasks or actions, we must pay them the attention required to maximize the outcome of each individual action.

How do we reach our goals?

When we set goals that mean something in life, we usually break these goals down into separate sub-goals that must be met, we can call them events.

This is the usual way to make it both clear and also possible to reach the goal.

Achieving goals is basically just a set of events that happen one after the other.

How do we usually behave then…

If it is a dream, unfortunately many get stuck in the stage of only dreaming about the end goal, that is, when the dream has come true, it is good, but it does not take you any closer. It is the implementation of the events on the way to reach the dream that actually gets you there.

In many other parts of life, such as in sports or in some old philosophies (stoicism), the need to focus on the next step is absolutely crucial to reach the ultimate goal.

In football, they not only think about the last match of the season, where they can win the league, they focus on the next match, the next half or even the next quarter, and to always do their best there and then.

It is the behavior that increases the chance of actually reaching the goal or the dream, not the dreaming of the dream itself and to focus on the last step.

This does not remove the need to sometimes raise your head and see the bigger picture, which can give energy to your ambition and even make you walk the extra meters in the next event / step.

The importance of the next step in every deal

So when it comes to closing business and especially working with business in one process, is it any different? No, it is the same philosophy that applies here as well.

What is a deal if not a series of events that must be passed to reach the final goal, that is, sign the agreement with the customer. It is therefore important to constantly focus on the next step in each business to ensure that it does not fall between the chairs and to increase the chances of reaching the goal.

The importance of defining what a qualified business means

When working with customers and business, it is easy to end up in a situation where everything is equally important. Unfortunately, such behavior leads to many good things falling between the chairs. A qualified deal, ie a deal that meets certain requirements, probably requires more focus than a deal that is unqualified. Therefore, it is good to set an internal definition for what a qualified transaction entails, ie what requirements a transaction must meet in order to be considered qualified. This is just as important for a sole proprietorship as for a larger organization where more people work with business.

Manage the transactions in an activity board

By entering your qualified deals with a clear date for the next step in an activity board, you get a clear overview of what phase each deal is in and also when the next step should be taken and what to do in the next step.

If you also have several activity boards for different eg geographical areas, industries or just divided into new customer / existing customer, you get an even better overview of what to focus on in the short action-focused perspective and also the long-term helicopter perspective.

It is simply a matter of creating a situation where you have 100% control over your ongoing business and nothing falls between the cracks.

Define what you are selling

By categorizing your products / services in 20NINE, you can make it possible to search for all contacts and companies that have bought a certain product, a certain type of product or a product within a certain product group. It can be a very effective way to create additional sales among customers who have already shopped from you before.

With categorized products, you can also filter your activity board and get a quick overview of how many stores and also orders you have linked to a specific product, type of product or product group, which also speeds up your understanding of how you are.

To do

  1. Define and categorize your products / services you sell
  2. Define what it means for a business to be qualified
  3. Start posting the deals you think are qualified in the activity board

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Step 2 – Automatise the invoicing

Once stores have been closed, this usually means that at some point an invoice will be sent for what the customer ordered. To avoid sending information to the person responsible for invoicing or having to enter the same customer information again, it can be good to connect a financial system to 20NINE. In Sweden, 20NINE is teaming up with Fortnox.

When you have connected 20NINE and Fortnox, you will in connection with you place orders in 20NINE or close deals that won be asked if you want to sync the deal / order to Fortnox. If you do, you can choose to create an invoice or order in Fortnox. In connection with this, a new customer is also created and also new articles if they are missing in Fortnox from before.

In this way, you can close transactions from both the computer and the phone and at the same time get everything over to the person responsible for invoicing with a few keystrokes.

To do

  1. Connect 20NINE and Fortnox
  2. Start syncing with your winning trades as you win trades


Now you are done with the last lesson. If you have followed all the recommendations, you have taken a big step in modern digitization, ie making your important information about relationships and processes available in an App that everyone can reach 24/7 and always be sure that they can quickly find the right information and latest status so you as a company are free to work from any place and time while you have full control of your relationships and processes.