Customise to fit your needs

Custom categorisations

Add new text, number, textbox, dropdown, radio buttons, hashtag, URL or date fields to any object type. These fields are also possible to import to and of course they are searchable.

User experience

We are all unique. Why should we then have the same experience regarding
of what we focus on? With 20NINE
you can customise the main menu,
the start page the way information
is displayed in contacts, companies, deals etc. All to fit the individual’s needs.

Custom processes

Do you need to fine tune your work processes for your sales, prospecting or delivery. Add a new or update an existing process in no time. The time it takes is usually in the discussion to decide how to work.

Pre defined values

Do you need to set your own industries, contact types, contact position categories or any other value you will find in 20NINE, add, update or delete values to fit your business needs and search patterns.

Get going faster with industry templates

Use 20NINE standard or any of our pre-defined industry templates

Reduced setup

Faster onboarding

Higher adoption

Each setup template includes…


20NINE comes with one or more predefined industry specific processes that easily can be modified and complemented.

Products / Services

20NINE comes with a predefined set of industry specific product groups, product types and products that easily can be modified and extended.


20NINE comes with a predefined set of extra industry specific data fields and dropdown values that also can be modified.

It’s all there, out of the box, just import your data or add leads from LinkedIn with LeadClipper


Get a relevant categorisation to quickly take control of all your prospects and customers. Use personal mass emails via Office 365 or Google to send the right message to the right people, to secures warm call lists and a high closure rate. It has never been so easy to prospect and keep track of all prospects and renewals.


In addition to using 20NINE to get new clients, 20NINE’s legal template comes with ready-made processes for both civil and criminal cases. In addition, the complete information structure including standard terms and lists. With 20NINE, you gain control of all your clients, cases and your communication out of the box.

Car / Vehicle dealers

The template includes processes for new sales and servicing existing customers. Get a pre-defined information structure to keep track of who drives what, which representative has the relationship. Use the template for both the business and private sales.


This Consultants template includes processes for new sales, existing customers and extensions to existing projects. List your consultants as resources and activity reports showing booked and pending work.


The template contains processes for new sales and for extensions, a started product directory and an expanded information structure to streamline your prospecting, sales and client management. Use 20NINE also for your customer success processes.

B2B Consumer electronics

The template comes with a complete process for new sales and a process for renewals, a started article register and an expanded information structure to facilitate and streamline your prospecting, sales and client management.

Finance / Investments

Replace your Excel lists and easily classify your different types of investors and what they are focused on. Work with targeted communication and invitations via personal mass emails to quickly find the relevant investors for each investment object. Also get a clear overview of how the investment objects are pushed forward through 20NINE’s out of the box investment process.