The mobile office makes a difference for small businesses

Many people probably do not think about how digital we have become as consumers and how this has led to us also unconsciously making the same demands both as consumers and in our professional practice. Why should we not be as digital in our professional practice as in private? Why should I not, as a small business owner, be able to act as digitally as a large company? Do we think that our customers accept a worse service just because we have not yet gone digital?Today, customers expect both fast and relevant service and the way there is digitalisation.

For several years, large companies have been able to build digital structures to be able to deliver this. On the other hand, small businesses have lagged behind and unfortunately large parts of the business are still handled with tools such as Excel, the e-mail program and paper and pen.

There has simply been a digital gap between large companies and small companies. This article is about how 20NINE can reduce that gap and even completely reduce the gap.

The mobile office contributes to more new customers

An important factor is to digitize and structure the work of finding new customers. After the pandemic hit, many small businesses have been forced to become significantly more proactive in their sales because incoming inquiries have in many cases fallen sharply and for many small businesses, a share of the customer base has also disappeared.

Other factors that affect are that the competition for customers has increased significantly since the pandemic struck and this has meant that the number of potential customers that must be processed is significantly more today than before to get a new customer.

By replacing your Excel, email software or paper block, as the primary tools for customer management, with 20NINE, you get

  1. Total control over your current customers, former customers and potential customers 
  2. Total control over all communication that has taken place between you and the customers 
  3. Fast and efficient working methods to reach more potential customers
  4. Effective support to be able to focus on what matters now and not drown in information 
  5. Sharply reduced administration and minimized risk of things falling between the chairs
  6. a structured and accessible alternative to spread sheets

Having constant access to all previous communication, all notices, orders, business, what has been said or not said, etc. means that a small company can quickly and easily deliver relevant service, in many cases actually faster than a large company. Everything from the phone or computer no matter where you are.

As a bonus, this frees up a lot of time that was previously spent on finding information or pure administration, ie you also get more time to deal with more customers with the same month people – which will make your company even stronger.

The mobile office creates simple and smooth workflows

Through ready-made workflows for how to categorize your customers, potential customers, f.d. customers, etc. You can easily search for relevant segments to process in your new customer processing.

Working with large lists in Excel is simply not reasonable and the risk is great that many businesses are lost due to the fact that it is difficult to get a focused overview of what to focus on at each individual occasion.

Being able to effectively warm up potential customers with personal emails and then get automatic logging of those who show interest and then with a few keystrokes transfer them to hot call lists contributes to significantly better calls and significantly better booking frequency than calling cold on large contact lists or even worse lists with company names and switchboard numbers.

Being able to see which businesses and customers are to be followed up every day or week from both the computer and the phone is crucial to reduce the risk of customers being lost.

The mobile office reduces the loss of existing customers

As an owner of a small business, you know how quickly negative customer experiences can affect both relationships and sales – and how important it is to have both qualitative, relevant and fast customer service to get customers to return.

We also know how digital we have become as consumers and what demands it places on us as a company in the form of fast and relevant service. For several years, large companies have been able to build digital structures to be able to deliver this. On the other hand, small businesses have lagged behind and unfortunately large parts of the business are still handled with tools such as Excel, the e-mail program and paper and pen.

Many small businesses therefore find it difficult to provide the customer experience that many customers have become accustomed to as private consumers. According to a report by NewVoiceMedia, “poor customer service costs companies more than $ 75 billion a year,” an increase from $ 62 billion just three years ago. It is quite telling how expectations for service change very quickly.

Furthermore, Forbes reports that “small businesses as well as large companies fail to create the experiences that are the basis for customer loyalty”, which leads to 67% of customers “often changing supplier” – in other words – if the customer experience does not live up to customer expectations high risk that they change supplier.

The mobile office logs all your communication automatically

Being able to receive all calls, call attempts, sent and received emails on the contact cards and customer cards is invaluable for gaining control over when you last communicated or what was actually said.

Not having access to that information or having to look in the inbox, excel sheet or phone to get an insight into previous dialogues is not effective and risks making you appear unread or even worse that you do not care or have control.

Through 20NINE, that automatically logs all calls and emails, you do not have to worry about this. Then you have everything available, on the computer or phone and can quickly answer customers’ questions or select the right potential customers to process in a structured way.

With 20NINE, all this communication is logged completely automatically.