Categorized transactions

Categorize your transactions and get in control

Automatic categorization

Master your household budget

Take control of your economy with 20NINE GO to save more and spend smarter. Keep track of your expenses and balances with family and Friends. Our app automatically categorizes your transactions, such as rent, food, and entertainment.

are more satisfied with
their economy

save more money
every month

experience less

Smart and easy to use

20NINE plugs into your M-PESA transaction flows and logs your transactions automatically. All you need to do is categorize the first transaction per counterpart. Subsequent transactions are automatically categorized based on prior inputs.

Automatic reports

Get reports directly from your phone. Get your categorized transactions, plus/minus reports, and yearly reports produced and send them to whomever you prefer. As a private entrepreneur, you can separate your private transactions from your “business” transactions.

Upgrade to GROW

Upgrade your GO account to 20NINE GROW and get access to all the needed features to run a small business in a big way. Take your financial reporting to the next level and convert it to a formal company.