Makes people


What we do

Linking merchants
and their customers

20NINE is the peer-to-peer fintech platform that makes people bankable. Acting on leapfrogging markets, we serve as the link between merchants and their customers. Our mobile apps offer easy and accurate shopping experiences, extending the merchants’ reach and empowering users to build a financial history via next-generation digital payments.

Why work with us?

For you

Our apps boosts customer loyalty, revenue, and profits for all shop owners and consumers, making you the go-to brand.

Your users

20NINE makes it easier for shop owners and consumers to get financial and business control by digitising their activities.

For society

Our fintech platform empowers users to create a solid financial history, paving the way towards bankability.

Accelerate your business growth

Increase your marker share, revenue and customer loyalty with the 20NINE platform.


Streamline loan processes, enhance KYC protocols, improve forecasting accuracy, mitigate risk and empower your users.

Mobile payment networks

Empower users with financial control and new revenue streams through gamification, boosting engagement, promoting organic growth, and increasing market share.

Scalable and easy roll-out

Focus on market uptake, not tech

Let us do the heavy lifting and let you focus on increasing your market share, revenue and customer loyalty.

Faster time to market

Reduces risks and costs

Connects to local services

Custom pricing to fit your market

Option to host on your cloud

Zero sales effort

As a marketing case 20NINE does not require training of sales staff. It’s just a tick-in-the-box as a stand-alone or bundled offering.

Zero support effort

Scale and save time by letting 20NINE manage end user support, allowing you to focus on taking your company to the next level.

Zero delivery effort

No more hassle with user onboarding; we provide everything necessary for a successful experience, including self-service videos, instructions, and webinars.

Business advisory

Our business manager ensures your success with 20NINE, guiding you from contract to launch and beyond to achieve your targets.

Marketing support

Leverage our end user insights and dedicated marketing team for an extraordinary launch and high success rate.

Booster packages

Stand out at launch and maximize user adoption with 20NINE’s innovative booster packages, utilizing gamification to increase users and usage