7 steps to efficient sales in 20NINE

Here are our recommended 7 steps to get an efficient sales machine in place with 20NINE.

To get the maximum effect out of these 7 steps we do however recommend to settle 2 very important things, your dream customer profile and your information structure. Without these two you will likely loose efficiency.

Dream customer profile – Know who you exist for

  • Should include both company and person attributes (Industry, Size, Role, Gender, DISC-profile, Competence etc.)
  • Gives clarity for whole organisation
  • Gives increased focus
  • Gives increased efficiency

Create your structure – Make it easy to segment

  • Add a customised classification structure with custom fields
  • Examples could be new types, Geographies, Industries, Role categories, Last meeting, Campaign send out etc.
  • Your classification structure should make it possible to search and find segments of 50 -100 out of thousands of contacts

1. Prospecting – Get your prospects on LinkedIn

Stop importing large lists of contacts and companies that you have not qualified. Add hundreds or even thousands of prospects to an Information Hub is to ask for problems. In the same way that the value for a user of Spotify and Apple Music is their content and not their technology is the content in an Information Hub vital for the user experience for the sales reps.

What you want to encounter as a sales rep is 100% relevant information that can help you sell more. Not giant lists of irrelevant companies or people who probably also has changed employer since the list were created.

The best way to get that is from the source itself, i.e. the business contacts. This is where LinkedIn comes in to the picture.

By finding the correct people, according to the dream customer profile on LinkedIn, the reps or you secure that the content for the reps is 100% accurate and relevant.

Prospecting on LinkedIn:

  • Stop importing large lists, large
  • Search for dream customers on LinkedIn
  • Connect + send message
  • Import anyone to 20NINE + get Contact info with Leadclipper

2. Classification – Enrich your prospects

To be able to find the right segments over time it is crucial to classify the newly added prospects. If not, the headache will increase as the lists grow larger. Eventually you spend more time searching than selling.

This is what a proper classification will prevent, i.e. you will be able to identify pinpointed segments in seconds even if you have grown your lists to thousands of prospects over time.

Enrich your prospects

  • Enrich the prospects after they are imported
  • Add phone, email, type and any other relevant part of your classification
  • Makes it easy to find relevant segments

3. Warm up – Increases your hit rate

To increase your hit rate and also your efficiency its better to only focus and talk to those that are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. One efficient way of doing that is to send personal mass emails.

With personal mass emails we do not mean designed emails from your email automation tool or your marketing automation tool, no, those emails usually end up in the receivers trash can. When did you read a designed email sent to you the last time? I mean a business related one, not a consumer related one.

Send personal mass emails from your Office 365 or Gsuite account will increase the chance to be read and is perceived as more personal as well.

  • Prepare your personal mass email 
  • Search and find your preferred segment
  • Mark all in the search result
  • Send a personal mass email and turn on tracking of “Open email” + “Click on URL”
  • Optional: If you do many parallell send outs on the same day, mark all and set the campaign send out name on each prospect

4. Create a call list – Efficient meeting booking

By only calling those that opened your emails increase your hit rate significantly and makes your prospecting much more time efficient. By adding these people to separate lists makes it more clear who to target. By removing those that are done on the list you also secure that its easy to identify who has not been reached yet.

Create your call list

  • Search and find the ones who opened your personal mass email
  • Mark all in the search result
  • Add to an existing or new call list
  • Recommendation: Do this on the day after your personal mass email

5. Call your prospects – Efficient meeting booking

  • Call each prospect on your call list from the 20NINE app on your smartphone
  • After each call: Add meeting + deal in preferred pipeline, add call back reminder or set type as “Not interested” depending on the outcome of the call
  • After the call, remove the contact from the list to get more focus on who’s left to call 
  • Recommendation: Do this on the day after your personal mass email

6. Progress your deals – Focus on the next action

By always focusing on the next action and not the closure date you get a clear perception of what to focus on in your pipeline every week.

  • Move your deals through the preferred pipeline with drag & drop
  • Focus on the next action and always have a future date and description for the next action
  • Recommendation: Set the time period for your deals to week to get increased focus and less stress

7. Close the deals – Prepare for the future

  • When your deals are won/lost, move them to orders by draggning the deal to the won/lost box
  • Recommendation: Add a note, reminder or meeting after the deal is won/lost, or copy the deal  to an “Extensions” pipeline, if your deal includes a future extension.

Andreas Lalangas