5 habits to give up to become a top performer

Did you know according to the latest studies 40% of your daily activities are habitual? That’s why some say most people die at 25 but aren’t buried until 75! This is so true for our time, most people are literally sleeping awake and end their lives full of regrets. Most people do not regret what they have done but rather what they didn’t do. If you don’t want to end up like that and become a top sales performer, continue to read this article and let the message really stick.

1. Trembling under pressure

There is a huge difference in how top sales performers (winners) and low performers (losers) at the moment they begin to feel pressure. The low performers tremble and begin to give up when they feel pressure and tell them selves “Oh you don’t know what I’m going through”, “Oh it’s hard” etc. whilst the winners on the other side realise it’s real and it’s good with pressure.

They realise its part of the process and think like “the strongest trees are not growing in the best soils, they grow in the strongest winds! They also understand that they can control it, the problem begin if you think you’re the only one who feel pressure and get overwhelmed by it, when in fact everyone feel the pressure too.

What dictates success is how you handle this. What top performers all got in common is that they have a neutral attitude to this energy and they’ve reframed this to give them more energy, they tell themselves, when feeling nervous “I feel exited” and they aim to above and beyond!

Conclusion: Its all about how you interpret the situation that dictates your outcome. Therefore, to be a winner, start embracing pressure and see how it makes you stronger

Realise that the best diamonds are formed under the greatest pressure

2. Negative self-image

First: Your self-image will make you act like you. Your self-image determines how you view upon yourself and that in itself will decide how you act and being perceived by others. The self-image is the strongest force in the human psychology. We have a need to remain congruent with how we identify ourselves.

So, to increase our performance we must change the way we view ourselves (our self-image) and begin getting out of our comfort zone! That is how we win.

Begin asking yourself when you want to achieve your goals, who are you going to BECOME! A true purpose of a goal is who you truly must become in order to achieve your goal, i.e. who do you need to become to achieve the goals you have set?

If you begin changing your self-image to that future vision, then that’s the moment you are going to begin acting in accordance to your future self identity.

If you view yourself negatively with thoughts like ” I’m not good enough”, “It’s too tough”, “I can’t make it” etc. you can achieve those goals you want.

Conclusion: You must change the way you view yourself to change the outcome and results you are currently getting!

You cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself

3. Playing to loose

On a daily basis, are you playing “not to loose” or are you playing to WIN? There is a huge difference in these two mindsets. It sounds simple but in reality there is a huge difference between how winners and losers think.

Losers are actually either looking around themselves thinking “Oh I’m just about scraping by” whilst winners dominate and doing whatever it takes, they are playing to win “Whatever happens I’m giving it my all!”.

That mindset change is very important and you need to implement it. If you want to achieve goals you need to want to win and also realise it will only happen if you go all in, otherwise don’t go in at all.

Conclusion: Go all in to everything you do and do things properly the first time.

Do it from a mindset of a winner, with heart, and doing whatever it takes to win!

4. Never committing

Successful sales people are committed to be successful! Low performing sales people are only thinking about being successful! This is why successful sales people become even more successful and the unsuccessful seem to get more unsuccessful. The unsuccessful just read more books and speak about how one day this is gonna happen but yet they never do anything about it. Whereas successful sales people, what do they do, speed of implementation! They read and learn something but at the moment they learn something they also immediately implement it and out the new learning into practise.

This while the other think “Oh, I am just going to research more” and they never ever take any action. Its like they think like this when they read a book or watch a coach video “Yeeees, This is going to make me successful, just by knowing about it”.

The successful however, they do Ready, Fire, Aim and get into the game.

  • They want to know what they want
  • They take action
  • They adjust as they go

The successful sales people also knows that their plans never go to 100% but it’s ok, since success is not 100% straightforward .

Conclusion: In order to become successful you have to get into the game and then pivot later. Stop doing the common misstake many low or mid performing sales people, i.e. get stuck reading tons of books about how successful sales people do it etc. but NEVER convert that into any actions!

In order to be successful your top priority must be to get into the game and start taking action

5. Dreaming too small

This bad habit might be the most important one to get rid of. People who accuse you for dreaming too big says more about them than about you! To become successful you MUST dream big. Ever heard the expression “Aim for the stars…”

One way of checking if you dream too small is if you can honestly answer in detail how you are going to make your dream reality? If so, that’s a clear sign you are dreaming far too small!

You see, if you aim for the stars you will at least hit the moon, but unsuccessful sales people, they did not even aim for the ceiling of their room and then they wonder why they’re not successful.

I want to realise that HOW is none of your business. Some people want to colonise other planets and they don’t care what other thinks, they dream big. unfortunately we have been conditioned to to think “realistic” and following different goal setting systems which are full of BS.

Question is, do you dare to dream really big? When you dream really big you set a bold goal, that is also the thing that keep you alive. That is the thing that will, from the heart, make you feel that burning desire to make that your reality. This is how you never ran out of motivation by setting a goal that is aligned with your intuition, your heart, i.e. the thing you were born to do!

Then it becomes your mission to make this your reality, that is what all visionary sales people have in common. They see things before they happen. The question is, what do you really really want out of life and make it a must to make it your reality.

Conclusion: Dare to dream big!

I have a dream, not a target

Andreas Lalangas

Founder @ Salesbox