Digitise your business

Automatic reports

Control, save and earn

Our all-in-one superapp for formal businesses offers a streamlined solution for everyday work life. You can simplify your workflow and enhance productivity with all the necessary functionality in one platform. Access all the information needed in one place, reducing the need for multiple logins and increasing efficiency. 20NINE Business provides a comprehensive solution for micro and small businesses, ensuring a seamless and integrated experience.

Silo based Saas VS 20NINE super app

Pay as you go

Users use only 10-20% of
functionality in daily work life.

20NINE app

Provides functionality used
in everyday work life.

Silo based Saas

Demands proficiency
across multiple platforms.

20NINE app

Requires knowledge in
only one platform.

Silo based Saas

Information scattered
across various locations.

20NINE app

Makes information
available in one place.

Silo based Saas

Expensive monthly expenses.

20NINE app

Low total monthly costs.


Empower business owners to grow


Automated bookkeeping and transaction categorization.

All-in-one solution with Sales, Contracting, Ticket and Case Management, Recruitment, and Customer Service modules.


Complete business control at your fingertips.

Get organized and save time.

Automation minimises administration.

Enables data-driven decision-making.

Accessible from mobile and web - anytime.

Pay as you go - no hidden fees.


Work from anywhere, anytime

Take control of your work life with 20NINE. Access your data on the go and stay connected, deciding when, how, and where you work.